Pet Massage


Signature Paw Pet Spa CarmelMassage offers benefits which can help your dog or cat physically, emotionally and mentally improve and enhance a large number of functions in the body. It helps blood vessels, which in turn improves blood circulation. Good blood circulation means more oxygen through the animals. In addition, the stronger blood flow can push out more waste and toxins that may be making your pet sick.

Massage to the skin and facia is very important for movement and flexibility for your pet, by loosening tight constricted muscles, decreasing pain, reducing stress relieving emotional pain. Therapeutic massage can restore flexibility and range of motion. Also the gentle pressure on all joints, muscles, and the skeletal system creates an aura of relaxation for the healing process.

Therapy times vary with the size and special interests that can be encountered. Each animal is treating individually and with the full attention to the therapist is calm, relaxed, and happy pet.

Massage is a natural contribution to a fit, happy, and healthy life for you and your animal companion. Please do not wait until the animal is in pain or experiencing discomfort to benefit from a great massage. Let’s say it’s a great addition of healthcare for your pet.
Benefits of massage:

  • Increases circulation to improve overall health
  • Muscles, increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Relieves pain from hip dysplasia and spinal problems
  • Reduces stress anxiety, visits, lost loss of another pet and prior abuse.
  • Relaxes intestinal muscles
Small Dogs Massage for dogs under 20 lbs $85
Medium Dogs Massage for dogs 20 – 60 lbs $135
Large Dogs Massage for dogs 60 – 100 lbs $155
Extra Large Dogs Massage for dogs more than 100 lbs $175

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